Offer your child the playful practice of English and the discovery of Europe with "Europe & Fun"

Registration open for the annual English program

Get to know Europe without leaving France

Are you looking for a fun, educational and useful English activity for your child? “Europe & Fun” is the solution! This innovative annual program aims to fly over European countries and discover European cultural diversity while practicing English!

We talk Europe has launched its annual “Europe & Fun” English program for children in CE2/CM1/CM2/6e classes. It combines learning English and discovering Europe and the European Union while having fun.

The program will take place on Saturday afternoons at CCA Le Millénaire, 35 rue St Joseph, in La Madeleine from Saturday September 17, 2022 to Saturday June 17, 2023 (excluding school holidays and Saturdays of departure on vacation).

Educational and rewarding experience

This is not just a simple English lesson, but an educational, unique and cultural experience. Your children thrive with varied activities, developed in connection with the national education program and which contribute to academic success through educational games, multimedia, puzzles, collage, quizzes, drawings, etc. It is also an opportunity for children to meet people and experience real cultural immersion through representatives from different countries who will occasionally be invited. Thanks to these meetings and the topics covered, your child improves his general culture and grows into an informed citizen who is aware of the world around him.

The program is divided into two parts: the first part presents the content on Europe and the second part consists of fun activities in English associated with the topics covered in the first part. Each session offers a discovery:

  • from a European Union country, or
  • a theme devoted to traditional festivals (Christmas in Europe, Carnival in Europe and Easter in Europe), or
  • other topical sessions such as: European Day of Languages, Europe Day, etc.

Examples of session content: a brief history, cultural points, unmissable places, unusual geographical features, remarkable personalities, gastronomic traditions, curious inventions, well-known celebrities, etc. Children will read a story or watch a popular cartoon from each country to learn about national heroes.

The 28 sessions are designed to contribute to knowledge of Europe and the European Union while practicing English.

Cultural and captivating annual program

The “Europe & Fun” program extends over the 2022-2023 school year and is made up of 5 school periods. They represent the school weeks between the school holidays. Each session is designed to discover a new cultural destination or a new theme among the 27 member states of the European Union and traditional European festivals : Christmas, Carnival and Easter.

  • Fun method – the activities allow children to develop and practice English while discovering Europe. Children develop their general knowledge through games, interactive exercises, multimedia, etc. They enrich their vocabulary and improve expression and oral comprehension in English
  • Authentic and original content – to create the content, I use my rich intercultural and personal experience. I have an extensive library of resources in different languages that I speak. I draw inspiration from it to create innovative, entertaining and educational workshops;
  • Interactive workshops – workshops encourage children to practice English, participate in games, interact with classmates, use interactive tools;
  • Intercultural encounters – the weekly sessions will welcome surprise guests from different European countries and cultures;
  • The atmosphere – thanks to the edutainment method, the atmosphere of the session is benevolent: no stress, no competition, no grades. This creates a sense of security and inner calm in the child. This environment helps to overcome the fear of making mistakes and to dare to speak English;
  • Varied resources – the different resources used (rhymes, games, podcasts, videos, quizzes, etc.) facilitate the development of the four key elements of the language: knowing how to read, listen, speak and write;
  • Dynamism – the workshops rely on interactivity, mini games, multimedia, humor, creativity for the commitment and active participation of children;
  • Experienced animator – graduate in European studies, with professional experience in different European countries (Switzerland, United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium), I want to share these skills with young children;
  • We talk Europe is 3 years on the market – the We talk Europe project has been in existence for three years. Clients gave 5* on Google (22 reviews) for internships and workshops conducted in 2020-2022.

Resources: to take advantage of this great educational and cultural adventure, children will receive information sheets. Throughout the year, they will compile a file containing the topics covered, the fun exercises and the drawings made.

Europe & Fun takes place at the Center de Culture et d’Animation (CCA), Le Millénaire, 35 rue Saint-Joseph, La Madeleine.


Price : 18€ (2h)

Registration possibilities

The price includes:
– Presentation and animation in French, games and activities in English;
– Color information sheets with vocabulary in English for each session;
– Small gifts (during thematic sessions: Christmas in Europe, Carnival in Europe, Easter in Europe);
– Snack

Registration deadline: every Friday at 9 pm the day before the chosen workshop.

Céline B. Thank you very much for this workshop organized on the occasion of Europe Day, which my daughter really liked. 3 hours varied, fun and which allowed him to discover a multitude of things about European history and organization. Your booklet is extensive and suitable for children. Congratulations and keep up the good work. To be offered in schools, leisure centers…

Gwendoline D. The children greatly appreciated this workshop on Europe which tackles the various aspects of the European project in a fun way. I highly recommend it !

Orlane C. I registered my daughter for the carnival course because I found the project led by Aija very interesting. My daughter came back delighted from this course. The explanation side on European values is really a plus, it’s not just a simple course where you practice English. I really like the way openness to others and communication come together.

Francisco P. Very good service, and great experience, this bilingual ”Christmas in Europe” discovery course while having fun, my daughter loved it, she was delighted. Various activities, games, Christmas carols, and even a tasting of traditional cakes and gifts…all in a good mood, it was great!!! These courses, I recommend them without hesitation.

Rosa O. My daughter participated in the workshop, she was delighted. The subject of the workshop and the atmosphere of this playful and cultural moment at the Top. A big thank you to Aija for this beautiful moment. I highly recommend.

Audrey L. Our 11 year old daughter, at first a little anxious before her arrival, is finally delighted with this 1st experience and already wishes to repeat her participation as soon as possible in the year. Very good atmosphere, very interesting activities, very exciting contact with Aija!

We talk Europe is the multilingual edutainment project that introduces children aged 8 and over to all of Europe’s diversity through English lessons.

Clients gave 5* on Google for internships and workshops completed in 2020-2022. The new annual program “Europe & fun” is a logical step in the development of the project. It brings together the knowledge and experiences generated. See the portfolio (PDF document).

Passionate about Europe and polyglot, I have traveled throughout Europe during my professional experiences (Latvia, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, and France…). Thanks to my European studies (College of Europe) and my personal experience in several European countries, I know Europe in theory and in practice. Author of my workshops, I design presentations, games and workbooks by drawing inspiration from original and multilingual sources. I am fluent in English (TOEIC test 915 out of 980) and have certifications to teach it. In particular, I worked as an English teacher in tutoring (with Anacours). I have been registered as a multilingual trainer in Marcq-en-Baroeul since 2019. . See my CV (PDF document).
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